Issue 03: Power

In this issue we are… in conversation with photographer Emily Garthwaite, Dominique Petit-Frère of Limbo Accra, designer Irina Morosanu of Les Vacances d’Irina in Paris, and Stardust, Bucharest… Looking at the interrelation between public space and the power of history, politics, community and activism in Bulgaria, Beirut, São Paulo and Hong Kong… Asking what it means to resist social pressures, defend and redefine the importance of art… Exploring the alternative of 3D printed objects and virtual space…

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Georgina Myers

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We often talk about the power of architecture and places. But it is rarely the architecture we talk about. Because it is never the walls, the stones, the foundations, the openings and the axes, the geometry and the complex calculations that makes a building or a place powerful. Architecture is as powerful as the stories, memories, and emotions it evokes. And thus, the power of architecture lies in creating room for life, be it in the form of reclaiming land to make parks like the Guerilla Gardeners in Lebanon, or a skate park in Ghana, as the architect Dominique Petit-Frère would tell us.

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