Issue 00: Architectural Education


In our first special issue we address what is closest to our hearts- Architectural Education.

In this issue, Simeon Shtebunaev asks “Where Next for Your Architectural Education?“, we conversate with David Gloster of RIBA, HLM and PLP on the New Apprenticeship Scheme, Harry Thorpe of CAUKIN writes about alternative ways of practice and Jonny Campbell of COPA talks about his experiences going into the film industry after architectural education… We ask how education can provide the means for students to achieve what they want to be…



The increased discussions around architectural education are welcome ones. However, it is also a discussion that is largely happening without us, young people. The criticisms of architectural education in the UK not preparing for the industry is intensified with the increased number of architecture schools and piling debts.  As INVOLVED we are asking: do we really want to be ready for an industry that is so stuck behind in its time and slow to change? An industry where young people are made to feel invalid until they get a title? An industry where overtime is treated so matter-of-factly, despite being one of the major reasons for women being forced out of the profession? An industry where demanding flexible working hours is still problematic for parents, especially for men? An industry which often forgets its primary aim – to provide better living and working environments for people? This Special Issue reflects a fragment of the varying interests within the architectural education and industry. It will take you on a journey from the business world to the rural villages of Fiji. It is a given that architecture education cannot provide for all the different interests within the profession. What it can do however, is to provide students with a means to realise who they want to be and how to achieve that.  Then, we can go out there and create, build, live and work the way we believe to be right.  Then, we would stop asking if we are ready for the industry and start asking “is the industry ready for us?” 


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