The RIBA Open Letter written by the Future Architects Front calls for RIBA to finally address the exploitative state of the profession and implement change according to five demands which have been formulated through surveying the experiences of 166 architectural assistants and junior staff.
This is a call for reform of the architectural assistant position and a demand for the Royal Institute of British Architects to address the exploitative conditions that the majority of junior architectural practitioners experience.
Now that most of us are working, living, exercising and doing anything and everything from home, we are experiencing the impact of the design of our living environments on our well-being, both physically and mentally more than ever. Things we overlooked in our homes, like the little balcony which we thought was a nice addition to the flat, has now become our main living space, an essential part of our well-being amidst self-isolation. But can design really make us happier and healthier? Research shows that 1 in 4 people is likely to suffer from depression each year in the UK. How is our built environment responding to the physical and mental wellbeing requirements of occupants? What do regulations say (and don't say)?