5 Questions, 1 Designer: Sandra Liscio

Sandra Liscio is a Swiss Senior Designer and Art Director living in London and working at Stellar for high profile clients including NBCUniversal, Royal British Legion, Benefit Cosmetics and OnePlus.
With a solid grounding as a sign painter, Sandra’s innate passion for the craft of lettering and typography drove her successful design career within the creative industry.
Her work is powerfully influenced by a colourful cocktail of Spanish and Italian heritage cues and, of course, several years spent in her beloved native Switzerland.
Sandra has developed brand identity, packaging, integrated campaigns, and environmental and installation graphics for global and local brands and has been awarded various design and advertising awards.

  1. How do you define your work?
    Colourful, bold and bright
  2. Where/ how/ who do you get inspiration from?
    I take lot of inspiration from my travels. I love to collect ephemeral from my trips and get inspired by different typographic styles used in different country and places. 
    I also read and watch amazing movies, and get in touch with people that inspire me. Jessica Walsh’s colourful typography and Annie Atkins’s props are always a huge inspiration to me. Their work is so incredible!

3. Best career decision you have made to-date?
Move to London. I’m a Swiss designer and I love my beautiful country with his amazing graphic design heritage.
As designer though, I’m always seeking creative inspiration and I find that traveling and experiencing other cultures is the best way to boost my creativity.
I guess I’m still here (in London) because this is the perfect place to find so many cultures together, get inspired everyday, and where diversity and equality are celebrated.

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4. If you could have done something differently in your career to date, what would it be?

I don’t regret my career path, everything that I’ve done made me the woman that I am today and I am really proud of the work I’m doing and my achievements.

Maybe it would have been fun if I had tried to work as graphic designer in the movie industry instead of in advertisement. But hey, there is still a lifetime to try that, who knows, maybe in the future 😉

5. Any advice for young designers / creatives?
Trust your superpowers! If you have a dream goal you can achieve that! You just need to work towards that with great positive energy and listen your INTUITION!

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