5 Questions, 1 Artist: Diana Guney

I am a 26 year old designer with a passion for storytelling. I realised after enrolling the architecture faculty that what drives me in architecture is the story behind it and that is why I became more interested in art direction in cinema. It feels kind of like surrealist architecture where you are free to design as liberally as you like to serve a narrative. 

1. How do you define your work? 

Every project is an opportunity for me to tell a story, I try to base my work on a narrative and every design decision made is to serve to the narrative as much as possible. I am still learning. 

2. Where/ how/ who do you get inspiration from? 

From fairy-tales and comic books because they all serve to a narrative. One of my projects done in university called Anti-design was designing an urban area to serve only to skinheads and elevate their story. This is when I realised I actually loved to tell stories with the help of architecture. 

3. Best career decision you have made to-date? 

I am still searching for a path…

4. If you could have done something differently in your career to date, what would it be?

 I would have volunteered more on film productions. 

5. Any advice for young designers / creatives? 

I am a young designer myself, my advice to myself and people like me is to not limit yourself and try to volunteer work as much as possible.

For further information, contact: Website: https://www.dianaguney.com/